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  • How does it work?
    The RSC Lightlock works by accelerating and decelerating a balanced mass or weight at
    the appropriate moment of the swing cycle
    of a moving structure.

  • Will the RSC Lightlock stabilize a truss or
    pipe when one or more automated fixtures
    are moving?


  • How many moving fixtures can be moving
    in unison before one RSC Lightlock
    becomes ineffective?

    The RSC Lightlock will remain effective for
    as many moving fixtures as you require, however it will take slightly longer for the structure to come to rest, so instead of stopping the swing instantly it may take a second or two.

  • Will RSC Lightlock correct oscillations
    produced by wind?

    No, not at the moment - in its current
    design the RSC Lightlock will only correct oscillations produced by something that is attached to the structure. That is to say,
    the RSC Lightlock cannot dampen
    movement caused by an external force pushing the structure. However watch this space as developments are on going....

  • Is RSC Lightlock affected by heat emitting
    from moving fixtures?


  • Does it need data?

  • Does it need a secondary safety device?
    As with all devices rigged at height, the
    RSC Lightlock requires a safety bond. The
    RSC Lightlock also has an added internal electronic safety device that prevents it
    from being rigged the wrong way up.

  • Does it require any specialist rigging?
    No, but a series of purpose built
    accessories are available.

  • Can I tour RSC Lightlock's into different countries with different voltages?
    Yes the RSC LightLock is fitted with an autosensing power supply.

  • Does it require calibration?
    The RSC Lightlock self-calibrates every time you power-up; this usually takes about 1.5 seconds.

  • What power does it use?
    The RSC Lightlock runs at a maximum
    of 100 watts.

  • Do you need a different size RSC Lightlock
    for larger or smaller items?

    No, the standard RSC Lightlock will serve
    most applications, but for larger items RSC Lightlocks can be added together to work
    in unison with each other.

  • How do I rig the RSC Lightlock?
    The RSC Lightlock has an integrated track
    for ½" or M12 fixings that can be rigged
    with standard clamps and couplers or
    direct mount plates.

RSC Lightlock
RSC Lightlock
"This revolutionary new product will open up more flexible choices" Tim Mitchell, Lighting Designer
RSC Lightlock
RSC Lightlock won the Gold award for Innovation at the PLASA 08 Exhibition