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RSC Lightlock
RSC Lightlock

My first experience in the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford on Avon this spring, was lighting the fast moving new production of Merchant of Venice that was set in Las Vegas, complete with fully staged musical Elvis tribute numbers, I am now a convert to the usefulness of the Lightlock. The theatre is fitted out with many individually hanging motorised hoist holding single or double movers. During plotting I found I could not use the units on successive cues unless the Lightlock was on or reposition one light when its neighbour was in use. The accuracy of the positioning with the Lightlock was great and I was able to use the moving lights as if they were on a fixed rig without waiting for any time to have the units settle. The fact that the hoists were floating just did not have to be considered at all.

Ok, I was a sceptic. Why would anyone need a Lightlock? Whilst I could imagine in the world of events where you might need to temporarily suspend a trapeze or a flying rig in a ballroom or a non theatrical space and then need some help in stabilising the position, I guess the "black box" (which I joked must be full of water though I suspect it is not) might have a purpose. But in a theatre why would there be non-usable rigging positions for moving lights? Well I get it now!

Rick Fisher
Lighting Designer

I've worked as a Lighting Designer for many years lighting shows for the RSC and other leading theatre companies. I've always been frustrated by the limitations of traditional lighting solutions and am delighted that the RSC has designed this revolutionary new product which will open up more flexible creative choices.

Tim Mitchell,
Lighting Designer for the RSC's 2008 production of Hamlet
New things are invented for theatre lighting all the time usually big, expensive, technology-driven devices. But it's the simple things that make you wonder, 'Why didn't I think of that?' Lightlock is one of those inventions. On many of my shows there are flying light ladders, and no matter how you hang them two, three or four points or how hard the electricians work, the lights always end up swinging. Lightlock has solved this problem. By putting it on top of the light ladder, it keeps the ladder nice and steady while flying in and out, and prevents the audience from thinking that the show has an earthquake effect every time the scenery changes.

Lighting Designer Ken Billington
Lightlock is the most revolutionary product to arrive in a long time. This is an amazing compact technology that solves an age-old problem within our industry. Among other applications, I am absolutely psyched to have the ability of letting moving lights share video projection trusses with far more stability.

Lighting Designer Patrick Dierson